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  • 252 Nassau Street 2nd Floor
  • Princeton, NJ, 08542
  • United States

Pushing the art form of photography via collaboration. Fine Arts Photographer C.a. Shofed suddenly realized that artist collaborations are a part of his artistic style. Over time he began to stretch the boundaries of his craft of fine art photography not necessarily by using software tools, but through collaborations with other artists. “The Collaborators” is his most intentional project to date using this “style”. Over the last two years he has worked with 13 artists to create collaborative pieces with his photography as the base of each new word created. Some of the pieces have been directed with much input by C.a. Shofed.  Other works he left  in the hands of his partner/collaborator. Each artist had a hand in choosing the picture they worked with.

The selected collaborators on display: Alia Bensliman, Laura Beard, Brigitte Aflalo-Calderon, Meredith Remz, Erica Rachel and of course me, C.a. Shofed.

As a bonus I also have on display two pieces for the Reflection-ism series.