Born in Fort Dix, NJ. C.a. Shofed's parents were in the military, "I spent my early years in Germany. I remember starting grade school in Germany. being bused off base with the other kids who lived near me. In high school, I studied Graphic Arts at Assunpink Vocational School, moving into Advertising Design in college.  It was college that first exposed me to what now is my love for photography. Before I had a real chance to explore photography I took a summer job as a computer installer. It turned out I was a good technician and didn't return to college to complete my education." Almost twenty-six years later, many promotions and company wide lay-offs and I returned to photography.

Although my professional life has focused on technology, I maintained an interest in photography, always carrying my camera with me, taking photographs whenever the opportunity presented itself or whenever a particular scene or object inspired me. In recent years I have made the transition to digital, although I still prefer film. My wife has inspired me to consider different mediums since she has requested a piece of art for each wedding anniversary: in the last year I have picked up acrylics once more. Increasingly my work seeks to bring attention to objects in an urban landscape. My art has been described has “industrial meets nature”.

My first solo exhibit was a month-long exhibit called “Double Take” which included ten photographs of fire hydrants as they appeared "in the wild" from my "Project Fire" series. I have since gone onto curate a successful annual show called Common Threads featuring artists influenced. living and part of the Trenton, NJ art scene. My art has been displayed in shows throughout New Jersey, Philadelphia and New York.

I enjoy the natural unedited beauty of things and “what I photograph is what I present to my audience”. I hope my photography inspires you to stop and look at the everyday beauty of objects you pass by.