• Hopewell Valley Vineyards (map)
  • 46 Yard Road
  • Pennington, NJ, 08534
  • United States

I was touched as artist Laura Beard described to me the affect that last year's "The Collaborators" exhibit at the BSB Gallery in Trenton had on this new body of work. Our hope is to tell you all about this journey through art. Laura's art will of course be at the heart of this story, but a few pieces from the Collaborators will be on display to help tell Laura’s story. Join us on July 11th at 6 to 9 pm at the opening reception for Coming Together, Coming Apart.

On display from the Collaborators will be:

The Crow and the Raven - Beard/Shofed, Untitled with and M - Remz/Shofed, Intersections on Single Plane - Vincent/Shofed. Baklawat Bey - Bensliman/Shofed and Bonus piece Reflection-ism 4: MC Inception.