• JKC Gallery (map)
  • 137 North Broad St.
  • Trenton, NJ 08608

Coming in 2019 Iron, Water, Wood. Opening Reception and Artist talk January 30th 5 to 7 pm More information to come.

As I have worked with the JKC Gallery curator Michael Dalton to put together the "Iron and Water" solo exhibit. I realized Michael was gravitating towards my earlier artwork. My photography early on was more traditional then what I'm doing now. The foundations between my earlier work and what I’m doing now are the same, but now I'm pushing the boundaries of my work in photography. I’m not so worried about the technical aspect of how a photograph is built, my goal now is about the story or what I envision in my head. Am I presenting that vision to the viewer? I don’t think traditional photographers would be comfortable with where I’m going. So this exhibit is almost becoming a retrospective of the beginning of my career. There will be some new pieces, but pieces that as if Craig the photographer at the beginning of his career could ask the artist C.a. Shofed for some pointers. During the artist talk I’ll do my best to describe my journey and how I ended up where I am today.