• Hopewell Valley Vineyard (map)
  • 46 Yards Rd.
  • Pennington, NJ 08645

This is the 4 edition of a little show I curate at Hopewell Valley Vineyard called Common Threads

The theme for our upcoming event, Common Threads • Power of Woman, came to me when I heard a recent NPR story on how the community of women artists is both under-served and under-promoted. I found myself surprised by this. After all, the artists who surround me daily tend to be comprised mostly of women. I look around, moving backward and forward in time, and see that I’m surrounded by women who have shaped my life—many of my best friends, my mother, my grandmother, and my amazing sisters. Therefore the story's premise that women are at a disadvantage in the art world struck me as astonishing. Was I naïve? Perhaps. I can't pretend to understand the social or economic reasons why women do not get the same treatment as men in the art world, as well as the greater world at large. But what I can do is share, promote, and give an audience to the powerful women artists by whom I’m inspired.

This little show of ours, Common Threads, was originally put together to export the talent of Trenton artists, as well as artists inspired directly or indirectly by Trenton. I want Common Threads to also showcase the true power of women in the arts. 

The opening reception for Common Threads 4 is on February 6th 12 to 5pm.